Olivia NB @ myspace.com * Come join the myspace group and check out the new demo tracks as they get finished!

Voodooplex * The masonic and twisted hive mind activated by artist Atom Gray resides here. If you like the artwork for the CD "If evolving..." you'll like his work... after all, he's the one who designed and created all of it! He's also irresponsible for a lot of the graphics you see manipulated for this website. Not to mention Olivia teamed up with him recently to write the screenplay "Nonlocal." Go read more about it.

Grant Morrison * Is he one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse? Scottish secret agent? Or the tranny/author, prophet of the new millennial awakening for the coming kaos party... huh? Just go read "The Invisibles." Your life will be better for it and the opposite sex will like you more.

Disinformation * Go read some of the other stuff that's getting pulled off right under your nose...

CD Baby * The coolest place on the planet to connect with unsigned artists and, of course, buy your very own copy of "If Evolving..." or "Dream Within A Dream"