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Nov 20, 2009 in All things which are da Bomb!

We’re changing servers at, if it gets funky don’t worry, we’ll be right back.

NEW! “If Evolving…” available in iTunes Plus

Jan 16, 2009 in All things which are da Bomb!, Recording


The album “If Evolving…” is now available DRM free and at 256kbps at the iTunes plus store. (DRM = Digital Rights Management, i.e. a very short sighted attempt at iTunes to control how you listen to and move around your music) If you already bought the DRM crippled songs at 128kbps you can update them for free!

So, get on that already.

No word yet on the tracks for “A Dream Within A Dream.” We’ll let you know when we know, hopefully soon.



Lookit! Cool new buttons to buy the CDs!

Nov 04, 2008 in All things which are da Bomb!, Recording

I like, is nice.

OLIVIA NEUTRON-BOMB: If evolving... do not look back.
OLIVIA NEUTRON-BOMB: A Dream Within A Dream...

aw, what the heck

May 31, 2008 in All things which are da Bomb!, Recording

I just ordered another batch of “A Dream Within A Dream” CDs, so they’ll be back up for sale soon, like in a week.

So much for out of print rarities…



May 27, 2008 in All things which are da Bomb!, Radio play / internet play

So there are a few things worth mentioning. First up, the fabulous DJ Delphinus of KPFK fame has been spinning material from If Evolving on her really cool, eclectic show “The Dark Room.”
Special thanks and shout-out to her and check her show!

The “Dream Within A Dream” EP is sadly now out of print, but CDs were the medium du jour in 2000 and we’re almost to the galactic mothership rapture of 2012 and it’s time to abandon our silly attachments to all things physical and go digital baby! “Dream Within A Dream,” and “If Evolving…” as well, are available in perpetuity thru your finer online music retailers (hey, only the best for us!). You could also probably find it via a torrent site, which means we don’t see any bank (who am I kidding?) so we don’t condone that (though we could hardly criticize, I’m pretty sure we all have a NKOTB album rattling around on a dusty harddrive somewhere after we downloaded it out of nostalgic curiosity… er.)

Also, if you have an iTunes account and you like the music on the CDs, please leave us a glowing, positive and completely nonobjective review, and mom, don’t state in the review that you’re my mother, it loses us some credibility…

Thanks for stopping by, we’ll chat soon!

Hello world!

May 25, 2008 in All things which are da Bomb!

Here it is, the ONB wordpress blog

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these days

Apr 03, 2007 in All things which are da Bomb!

we have been in the studio(s) recording a lot…

there was another singer and things were going well, but, life happens and she had to move away.

chaos is life and chaos brought us another vocalist, Audra, and I have to admit I am super happy with the way things are shaping up. she brings funkyness and swingyness to the music and makes it so much the sweeter, I can’t wait to share it with you all, soon… I guess pay attention to the myspace page, when things are demo’d to a point where we’re happy we’ll be putting up some teasers (only because myspace is so easy and EVERYONE has a myspace account… hell even my dogs did for a minute, thanks to dr suz)

see ya soon!

this is a test of the emergency bomb-cast system

Jan 03, 2006 in All things which are da Bomb!

okay then.
is this thing on?

as you may have noticed (hopefully?) this is a blog for the Olivia Neutron-Bomb website… around here capital letters and punctuation have gone out of style and the … is back in this year, fresh off the runways in Paris…
anyway, hopefully this blog can become a replacement for the cumbersome process of updating a news page on the website, plus it allows other people to drop in and comment… (those guestbooks were soooo last decade anyway weren’t they Buffy dear?)

if you’re looking for the back catalouge material hit up the Merch page and link in there to buy a disc… if individual tracks in a more cyberspace friendly format are your taste there are like a bazillion sites now carrying the tracks, including, but not limited to, iTunes, iTunes UK, Napster, Weed Files, Mperia, etc. (I’ll get those links up one of these days)