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May 27, 2008 in All things which are da Bomb!, Radio play / internet play

So there are a few things worth mentioning. First up, the fabulous DJ Delphinus of KPFK fame has been spinning material from If Evolving on her really cool, eclectic show “The Dark Room.”
Special thanks and shout-out to her and check her show!

The “Dream Within A Dream” EP is sadly now out of print, but CDs were the medium du jour in 2000 and we’re almost to the galactic mothership rapture of 2012 and it’s time to abandon our silly attachments to all things physical and go digital baby! “Dream Within A Dream,” and “If Evolving…” as well, are available in perpetuity thru your finer online music retailers (hey, only the best for us!). You could also probably find it via a torrent site, which means we don’t see any bank (who am I kidding?) so we don’t condone that (though we could hardly criticize, I’m pretty sure we all have a NKOTB album rattling around on a dusty harddrive somewhere after we downloaded it out of nostalgic curiosity… er.)

Also, if you have an iTunes account and you like the music on the CDs, please leave us a glowing, positive and completely nonobjective review, and mom, don’t state in the review that you’re my mother, it loses us some credibility…

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