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this is a test of the emergency bomb-cast system

Jan 03, 2006 in All things which are da Bomb!

okay then.
is this thing on?

as you may have noticed (hopefully?) this is a blog for the Olivia Neutron-Bomb website… around here capital letters and punctuation have gone out of style and the … is back in this year, fresh off the runways in Paris…
anyway, hopefully this blog can become a replacement for the cumbersome process of updating a news page on the website, plus it allows other people to drop in and comment… (those guestbooks were soooo last decade anyway weren’t they Buffy dear?)

if you’re looking for the back catalouge material hit up the Merch page and link in there to buy a disc… if individual tracks in a more cyberspace friendly format are your taste there are like a bazillion sites now carrying the tracks, including, but not limited to, iTunes, iTunes UK, Napster, Weed Files, Mperia, etc. (I’ll get those links up one of these days)